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About the author:

I received my B.S. from Stanford, and am now doing a PhD in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon (ranked by US News as the #1 program in the field, alongside the more widely known MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley).

I grew up seeing both sides of a lot of different stories: arts and sciences, secular and religious, rich and poor, immigrants and citizens, over-privileged ethnicities and under-privileged ethnicities, people who get listened to and those who don't. This has helped me see just how staggeringly often conflicts of all kinds and severities are the result of simple dumb differences, and holes, in information. This has always puzzled and infuriated me. Now, I'm in a position to do something serious about it.

I'm working on this because it is the most important problem I can think of. And I looked.

My email is the capitals in